Innovative thinking can be taught.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a thought process that underpins most breakthrough ideas: a way of looking at the world, a way of questioning the world and a craft to selling that vision. As we learn that talent is more hard work, perseverance and skill than natural genius, we aim to impart the fundamental skills behind powerful ideas.

It has to be useful today.

This is a practical HOW-TO, built from hard-earned lessons in the craft and art of ideas. You will not be cornered by dogma or academic theory, but rather our programs take you through a variety of strategic and creative tools from various different fields of thought. The common thread? It has to be useful. It has to be something you can apply to your work today.

Work smarter, not harder.

Excellent questions and strong strategic skills are the foundation of all great ideas. You can get better at both of these with practice, but also with teaching. However, our industry tends to ignore the teaching path. We work harder and harder, but rarely smarter. At School of Ideas we believe in sharing what we have learned: the tips, techniques and tricks that can save you years of pain.

Woman owned & operated.

School of Ideas is proud to share 5% of our profits with the International Rescue Committee.

Lisa Prince

Trained in strategic planning in the UK, Lisa has over 15 years of experience in idea generation, the last 10 of which were spent as a Group Strategic Director for Wieden + Kennedy in London, Shanghai and Portland, Oregon. Quoted in Brand Republic as “re-defining strategy,” Lisa’s vision has shaped the future of the P&G corporate brand, American Express, Apple and Intuit. Her thinking has led to Cannes Lions, D&AD pencils and the much-coveted IPA effectiveness award.  Lisa has created and led strategic training programs for global agencies and retailers, is a judge for the North American Effies and a guest lecturer on several West Coast MBA programs. Aside from launching a successful line of conceptual jewelry (keeping company with Mulberry and YSL), Lisa makes a mean raspberry macaroon tart and has a ready to go list of karaoke songs to make the most of singing time.

Hanna Nesper Newell

Hanna Nesper Newell has spent her career growing teams, inspiring and motivating people to do their best work. She has over 15 years experience in advertising and brand marketing, with much of the last 10 spent leading account teams at Wieden+Kennedy. Her successes include global communications campaigns for Coca-Cola, Nike, P&G and Microsoft. She’s managed high-profile Super Bowl campaigns for Coca-Cola and Weight Watchers as well as the digital elements of Proctor & Gamble's Global Sponsorship of the Olympic Games.  She’s a trusted business consultant for growing creative agencies and a mentor for young talent. Spend any time with Hanna and she’ll convince you to drink a daily apple cider vinegar elixir while scheming to play in the mountains.  

Available upon request